Discovery-driven planning is a powerful tool for any significant strategic undertaking that is fraught with uncertainty: new product or market ventures, technology development, joint ventures, strategic alliances, even major systems redevelopment. Unlike platform-based planning, in which much is known, discovery-driven planning forces managers to articulate what they don’t know, and it forces a discipline for learning. As a planning tool, it thus raises the visibility of the make-or-break uncertainties common to new ventures and helps managers address them at the lowest possible cost.


The world is full of uncertainties.  Many companies have become risk-averse.  Others need to dig their way out of a downturn.  Growth is even more elusive than before – yet more necessary than ever. How can you achieve truly dynamic growth, without risking an expensive gamble? By adopting a practical, organic “discovery driven” approach to innovation.


How can you pursue breakthrough growth with confidence, no matter what the business climates?

By adopting a practical, organic “discovery driven” approach that reduces your risks and helps you seize your opportunities.


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